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BIOS upgrading


After installing fedora on my system, I was no longer able to boot in windows 
(or fedora). It seemed grub failed due to a bad BIOS, so I was in need for a 
BIOS upgrade.

Since my machine didn't have a floppy drive and no OS to boot, I was looking 
for other solutions. 

The method that should have worked is downloading a freedos image, mount it, 
copy it...add the flash utilility files and use mkisofs to create a new 
image. Unfortunately in my case freedos failed to recognise my DVD drive 
(probably BIOS related again) so I couldn't read the disk.

Fortunately I found that when booting freedos using the 'freedos only" option 
that it could read my USB memory stick. So basically I could have upgraded my 
BIOS just using the freedos iso image I got from the net. It worked out well 
to upgrade the BIOS this way. The problem I have with all of this, is that 
finding a solution like this takes far too much time. I hope there are better 
ways to get the job done, but haven't been able to find it.

I wonder how other fedora users upgrade their BIOS when they need it and would 
be happy to hear about other creative and preferably simple solutions (but 
leaving the floppy drive on my dusty shelf).


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