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Re: BIOS upgrading


> Karl has a point, what concludes you to believe it is your BIOS?  When
> you say PC does not boot, where does it fail?  Before grub, during
> grub, post grub?  Can you enter your BIOSto see if it sees your drive
> properly?

The drive is seen. The mainboard uses a jmicron chip, which recognises it. As 
can be found on google there have been many issues with this chip but I'm 
suspecting in my case it's not only the chip but also a rotten BIOS.
Anyway, after upgrading at least fedora worked (it's down again for some 
strange unknown reason).
I installed many fedora machines over the past years, but never came along a 
mainboard like this (MSI P965 Neo). This is causing so much issues that I 
think that if I can't solve it by tomorrow I buy me another board.  

> One solution to try would be booting from a rescue CD and
> re-installing grub.  

I tried that, same result.

> If you simply want to get Windows back up 
> initially you can run fdisk /mbr which will cause the master boot
> record to be re-written for Windows. So Windows should boot up fine
> again. If it does, then your issue is not likely your BIOS.

I guess I may to do that if grub keeps failing on me, but I'm not yet at a 
point where I give up on this box. I will give it try just to see if windows 
boots well again though.


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