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Re: Clipboard behavior

Matthew Saltzman wrote:
On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 18:44 -0700, Duane Clark wrote:
Duane Clark wrote:

On the version of nedit that comes with F7, using the mouse scroll wheel in the file selection dialog does not work. A click of the scroll wheel scrolls one "page" plus one line, making it unusable for those of us that have become dependent on the mouse scroll wheel.

By the way, I posted a fix for this problem:

Maybe file the same patch at bugzilla.redhat.com?  Refer to the upstream
bug in your report.

I filed a bug on that.

Though I was really interested in whether anyone was aware of some reason that the clipboard is behaving oddly when interacting with a Motif application (I have another Motif application that also exhibits problems with cut/paste on F7).

I did a little experiment between the two systems
Compiled and run    Displayed    Result
FC4 Openmotif       FC4          works
FC4 Openmotif       F7           crashes
F7 Lesstif          FC4          crashes
F7 Lesstif          F7           works, but occasional clipboard lock
F7 Openmotif        FC4          works
F7 Openmotif        F7           crashes

The results are similar with both Motif applications I tried, so I don't think this is something in the application. There appears to be something that has changed in the clipboard handling between FC4 and F7, when interacting with a Motif application. It appears Lesstif implemented a fix for this, but the fix is not backward compatible with the FC4 X server. And something is still flakey with the fix, since I get the occasional clipboard lock.

At least, that is my completely casual conclusion from a very limited test ;) Just wondering if others could shed some additional light on it.

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