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Re: BIOS upgrading

Jacques B. wrote:
On 10/26/07, Marcel Janssen <korgull home nl> wrote:

After installing fedora on my system, I was no longer able to boot in windows
(or fedora). It seemed grub failed due to a bad BIOS, so I was in need for a
BIOS upgrade.

Karl has a point, what concludes you to believe it is your BIOS?  When
you say PC does not boot, where does it fail?  Before grub, during
grub, post grub?  Can you enter your BIOSto see if it sees your drive

One solution to try would be booting from a rescue CD and
re-installing grub.  If you simply want to get Windows back up
initially you can run fdisk /mbr which will cause the master boot

Recent Windows doesn't have fdisk.

On my f8t3 system, where Anaconda neglected to add Windows, typing this works ad a grub prompt:

chainloader (hd0,0)+1

I've not needed "makeactive," but some might.



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