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Re: Grub Manual

Jonathan Dieter wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-10-20 at 12:00 -0500, Les Mikesell wrote:
>> Jonathan Dieter wrote:
>>> The other thing you might try would be to use Rom-o-matic to generate an
>>> etherboot floppy image for your network card and write it to a small
>>> (~1MB) partition on your hard drive.  Then, in Grub do the whole
>>> rootnoverify(hd0,x), chainloader +1 and see how that works.  I haven't
>>> actually tried this method, but it seems that it should work.
>> Going this route, I'd rather not have to dedicate a partition.  Is there 
>> any way to put it in /boot along with a linux boot setup?
Etherboot will produce bootable floppy images. I don't remember for
sure, but I believe it will also produce a Grub loadable image just
like  Memtest86 does. Chainloading to the floppy image should work,
but if it will produce a directly loadable file, that would be better.

If you build a .zilo image, you can boot it directly. From

LILO/GRUB/SysLinux files (.zlilo)

Those files are meant to be loaded by any of those bootloaders. To
the bootloader, it will look like a Linux kernel, so just go ahead
as you would with inserting another kernel file into your
bootmanager configuration.

So you could do something like this:

title Etherboot
	root (hd0,0)
	kernel /etherboot.zlilo


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