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Re: Fix X windows

Karl Larsen wrote:

I got them all and then found out one will only work if I upgrade the kernel :-! So decided this was just too much for a new F7 and I will wait until F8 is available. Then I can FIGHT the dam nvidia for a good reason.

Is there some reason you keep using a fast-changing distribution like fedora? If you don't enjoy the challenge, there are more stable alternatives.

Yes I could stay with F7 or go back to FC4 where I was for quite a few years. But neither of those choices sound good now. I noticed the www.atrpms.net has the nvidia rpm's for F8 already. That is pretty fast.

I meant compared to Centos5 which is essentially a frozen FC6 except for security and bugfix updates with a stable kernel module interface, or some distribution that is less antagonistic to the 3rd party module providers.

I like to keep a copy of fedora around for testing because they push out changes that often end up in other distributions but I wouldn't want to depend on it as my only OS and certainly not on any machine that needs a 3rd party kernel module to be usable. If you haven't noticed, keeping nvidia drivers working is not a priority in fedora.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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