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Re: fc6 nearing eol but f7 not useable yet (rant or feedback?)

Gordon Messmer wrote:
Les Mikesell wrote:
The Centos project follows the requirements, replacing only what is necessary so they maintain bug for bug compatibility

IIRC, the phrase "bug for bug compatibility" was used by the Wine project to describe the fact that their implementation matches Windows behavior, which is sometimes "buggy" with regards to their documentation. If the Wine project built an implementation that was faithful to the documentation, some Windows applications which relied on the actual behavior of Windows (buggy though it may be) would not work.

There is no reason to believe that the CentOS group will not correct bugs simply because Red Hat does not. Their aim is binary, not "bug for bug" compatibility.
Can we please avoid using that phrase to describe Linux distributions?

Les is correct here. CentOS folks have on several occasions said that they won't fix bugs over and above what Red Hat does to maintain compatibility.

See for example,


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