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You might have a nvidia video card on your motherboard. There are two choices here. Try to use the nvidia or turn it off and plug in your old known video card. Today I wish I had done the latter because using nvidia with f7 is a pain.

I really do not see a new Linux user ever getting his/her computer working with nvidia. You need to go to the nvidia web page and get a tarball and install it, not a new person's thing, or you can get 4 rpm files and learn to use --nodeps at the proper time.

Hoping that the updates would by now have some nvidia help, after getting 236 updates last night on my f7-64 bit system it did not fix the problem. I used the 4 rpm files from www.atrpms.net which worked but maybe not well. I heard from Ric Moore that the tarball is the way to go. I will try that on f8.

A bug I keep forgetting to file is the following. A really bad problem with nvidia is the missing pointer when X windows boots up. You can do nothing! This is fixed by edit of the /etc/X11/xrog.conf file adding you want to use a software pointer.

But this will not work if grub.conf has a kernel directive to use rhxxx which hides the boot up output. While that standard kernel directive exists you can not get a pointer period.

   This bug makes f7 and I expect f8 useless to a new user with nvidia.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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