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Re: Yum problem

David Boles wrote:
> Joe Package-builder builds a newer version of something with
> improvements or bug fixes. Then tests it on his machine and then
> puts it in Updates-testing. Which few, if any, use. So it does not
> get tested very well.

I don't think you give the updates-testing repo the credit it
deserves.  More than a few people use it.  And it does catch real
problems before they hit the stable updates repo.

> Question? Why is that the exclusive fault of the person who supplied
> the package?
> Why did you not get involved before now? Or is it just easier to
> complain after the fact?

You should check your facts before you imply this.  Michael does a lot
of work to keep the repositories and updates sane, looking out for
broken upgrade paths and other important details that other packagers
often overlook.

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