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Re: nvidia

on 10/28/2007 3:04 PM, Les Mikesell wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:
>>> But note that there is nothing remotely illegal about the nvidia driver, 
>>> nor would there be any problem with the fedora project distributing it 
>>> themselves if they had any reason to care about the user experience.
>> Actually the legal state of the Nvidia driver is a matter of debate. Even
>> if it was legal it would not meet the Fedora policy, nor be in the
>> interests of the project.
> When the users' interests aren't the same as the project's interests, 
> you have to wonder why there are any users - or how long there will be any.

The Linux users should get of their collective lazy a$$es and setup their
systems to suit themselves if they want to use non FOSS packages.

Since the current subject is Nvidia, a Windows install, for example, comes
with a 'it works' Nvidia video driver. Just like Linux does. *Not* the
fancy one from Nvidia that does all of the fancy stuff. The 'Stupid
Windows User' must go to the Nvidia site, find the proper driver for his
video card and install it to get the fancy video stuff.

So what you are saying or implying here? That 'Stupid Windows Users' know
more about their systems and how to set them up than 'Brilliant Linux
Users' do?   ;-)


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