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Re: nvidia

Les Mikesell wrote:
Claude Jones wrote:
On Sun October 28 2007, Les Mikesell wrote:
But note that there is nothing remotely illegal about the nvidia driver,
nor would there be any problem with the fedora project distributing it
themselves if they had any reason to care about the user experience.

I think any but the most recent members of this list have noted your position on that subject, Les --- it would have been hard to miss '>

And yet, people still try to run fedora on machines with nvidia and seem surprised by the problems...

I was one who bought a new computer and until today could not tell you had a particular nvitia video card. Today I see the whole computer is full of things made by nvidia. And I was one that tried to run Fedora on it and had the problems and I was surprised. Nobody told me it was bad. I might not have been able to even tell the motherboard had nvidia. The motherboard got rave reviews from Windows users. Why not Fedora?


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