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Re: nvidia

On 10/28/07, Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com> wrote:
>     You might have a nvidia video card on your motherboard. There are
> two choices here. Try to use the nvidia or turn it off and plug in your
> old known video card. Today I wish I had done the latter because using
> nvidia with f7 is a pain.
I'm starting to wonder if Karl is not sent here by Microsoft to
perpetuate misinformation.  I mean, really.  This is about the 20th
thread that starts of with "I'm killing myself doing xyz" and then we
later find out there's nothing wrong or that there are already
published instructions.

I've owned Nvidia cards for years.  All types of cards.  Fedora always
finds the cards, the default nv driver does install and run
adequately.  Installing the Nvidia proprietary driver is quite simple
and easy for anybody that is willing to read a paragraph on the nvidia
website.  And if you are not up for reading a full paragraph, there
have been RPMs for the nvidia drivers for years.

In conclusion, I'm not falling for this bait and don't think anybody
else should either.

Paul E. Johnson

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