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Re: nvidia

--- Les Mikesell <lesmikesell gmail com> wrote:

> Alan Cox wrote:
> > 
> >> In any case the result would just be that nvidia
> owners won't be able to 
> >> run Linux.  And the real question is, why do you
> want that - or even to 
> >> make it more difficult than necessary for those
> users?
> > 
> > A very strange argument. Applied to movies you'd
> argue we should all be
> > able to pirate them as charging makes it difficult
> for the users ?
For movies, pirate them, pirate is not a good word
here.  Users should be able to make backup copy of
their owned dvd's.  Buying another dvd to replace a
scratched or lost dvd makes no sense since they are
expen$ive.  The end users have to suffer from market
prices for movies since the cost is high and pirate
movies work and for alot le$$.  
> There's no piracy involved here as nvidia gives the
> drivers away and 
> permits redistribution.  
Gives the drivers away, but not the source which is
more important for the principles of Free Software. 
The binary blob is free, but not the source thereby
impling a closed source project.  

> It is the Linux side that
> makes their product 
> difficult or impossible to use, with the obvious
> effect that the 
> majority of users keep running Microsoft products
> and the rest of us 
> have to put up with the resulting virus-laden
> machines.
> -- 
>    Les Mikesell
>     lesmikesell gmail com
> -- 

You can use the drivers with Fedora or any other linux
for that matter, but they are not to be bothered if
the machine freezes, burns or does not work as it
should.  Several users that have nvidia cards or other
ones that need special drivers are aware of the facts
and still run the drivers and have no problems and
therefore do not complain.  Fedora will never take
responsibility for closed source software/drivers not
working correctly.  You are at your own risk.  

It would be great though that one day nvidia would
release their code and users around the world can
improve upon it and release it so that then Fedora
would incorporate the new code and get 3D rendering
and the stuff that many users want, till that day
comes, users will have to use that software at their
own risk and with no guarantees.  

Mr Alan Cox has a very interesting explanation bout
open vs closed source.  To read more about open-source
development vs closed source development by Mr. Cox go

I have several nvidia cards on my computers and the nv
driver works nicely with no need for 3D deskops, or
games.  Basic computing is enough for me, I tried the
binary driver and the tv out did not work :( so might
as well give up and use the driver that just works and
move on.  



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