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Re: nvidia

Ed Greshko wrote:

That is a "difference" but one has to understand that first, the nvidia
drivers are free...just not open and second, there is a corporation behind
the nvidia drivers and it is certainly possible that the corporation values
its reputation.

You don't have to rely on a single vendor with Free software.

In both commercial and opensource software there are no guarantees that a
particular piece of software will be supported or continue to be developed.

The distinction between commercial and FOSS is a false one. You mean proprietary or non-free software. There is a lot of commercial FOSS applications and products available today.

Neither offers guarantees but Free software offers more choice and flexibility if a vendor decides to cut off support for a product.

This is apart from the legal issues involved in combining non-free
modules and the Linux kernel for a distribution.

I must have missed that part of the discussion.  I didn't notice it was part
of the discussion that nvidia drivers or ATI drivers be made part of a distro.

Read back. That indeed is a major thrust of the discussion.


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