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Re: nvidia

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Ed Greshko wrote:
>> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>>> The distinction between commercial and FOSS is a false one. You mean
>>> proprietary or non-free software. There is a lot of commercial FOSS
>>> applications and products available today.
>> I didn't mean to imply that...  But, it is also unfair to automatically
>> label free (as in no cost) proprietary software as "bad".
> That depends on perspective. Fedora's perspective is to support Free and
> open source software exclusively. That doesn't require being judgmental
> about non-free software.

Well...nvidia drivers are "free" as no cost.  So, I'm confused.

>>> Neither offers guarantees but Free software offers more choice and
>>> flexibility if a vendor decides to cut off support for a product.
>> And a good vendor won't do that.
> Many vendors do drop support quickly (which makes sense since the focus
> is on volume) and some go out of business. Free software projects can
> route around such damage.

Sure, vendors do drop support.  Not sure it is all about "volume" since
innovation comes into play.  Yet, generally, and in the case of nvidia, when
the hardware is no longer produced/sold the drivers continue to be available.

You say "Free software projects" but I think you mean "OpenSource" or maybe
your definition of "Free" is different than mine.

While an opensouce project "can" route around such damage it doesn't mean
they "will".

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