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Re: OT Need to find a really good Linux introductory site ??

--- William Case <billlinux rogers com> wrote:

> Hi;
> This question is good for one day only.
> I am giving a talk tonight to about 20 people about
> Linux.  All of them
> will be Windows users and all will be very non-tech.
> I just thought of asking here this morning.
> I have prepared a handout with most of the common
> Linux sites including
> sites for various distributions (Fedora is at the
> top of the list).
> Googled *Linux* to find a start site to recommend. 
> Found lots of sites,
> but, you know, there wasn't one really exciting,
> sales oriented
> (motivational) site that says "I really got to find
> out about or try
> this operating system".
> Do you know of a site I could recommend as a
> starting place for this
> type of Windows audience that I could I could use in
> my little sales
> pitch tonight?
> -- 
> Regards Bill
> -- 

Do you have 


There are many out there.  Fedora Forum, Fedora Faq, 



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