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Re: OT Need to find a really good Linux introductory site ??

On Mon, Oct 29, 2007 11:00:35 AM -0400, William Case (billlinux rogers com) wrote:
> Hi;
> This question is good for one day only.

Hope I'm still on time then!
> I am giving a talk tonight to about 20 people about Linux.  All of
> them will be Windows users and all will be very non-tech....  Do you
> know of a site I could recommend as a starting place for this type
> of Windows audience that I could I could use in my little sales
> pitch tonight?

First of all, I would suggest http://www.reallylinux.com/
"International Site for Linux Beginners"

Warning now, self-promotion ahead!

Considering the audience you described, I'll also dare to suggest
that, before going to the talk, you read my "Seven Things we're tired
of hearing from software hackers" at http://digifreedom.net/node/56 :
while it's not about Linux specifically, it may help you to not spend
too much time presenting to your audience arguments that are really
NO relevant for them.

Hope this helps,
			Marco Fioretti
Your own civil rights and the quality of your life heavily depend on
how software is used *around* you:    http://digifreedom.net/node/84

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