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Re: nvidia

On Mon, Oct 29, 2007 15:29:46 PM +0800, Ed Greshko
(Ed Greshko greshko com) wrote:

> Frank Cox wrote:
> > If you depend on proprietary software, then Linux is not for you.
> > Microsoft and/or Apple products are a much better fit for your
> > needs.


this is the second time (as far as I can tell now) that you insist on
this point in this thread, but Ed is right:

> Never did care that much for blanket statements.
> If I depend on say "Oracle" and since Oracle is proprietary I should
> not run it on Linux?

I don't know much about big databases, but CAD/CAE is another field
where the best software right now is proprietary _and_ runs much
better on Linux for lots of reasons. Including software that needs
high-end graphics, not just server/CLI apps.


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