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Re: nvidia

Bruno Wolff III wrote:

In my experience, open source drivers have as many or more problems than the closed source versions. _If_ you are Alan Cox or some number of hackers with equivalently specialized skills that you could probably count on one hand, having the source code available might be of some value when the supplied binary doesn't work. The rest of us report the bug and wait, and again in my experience over the last couple of decades, the closed source providers are at least equally responsive in this scenario.

The other category of people helped are those with enough money to hire
a driver expert to fix the driver for them. That doesn't cover (almost
all) one off users. But large enough organizations could potentially
afford this.

The issue is theoretical at best. In the unlikely event that access to a video card breaks due to undiscovered bugs in the original _and_ vendor refusal to fix it, I'd expect it to be cheaper to either replace Linux or the card than to hire an expert to temporarily revive the now-dead combination.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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