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Re: nvidia

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Scott van Looy wrote:
>> Progress isn't a bad thing. Ranting at Fedora people because
>> someone else's hardware isn't easy to make work on their OS is a
>> bit silly though.
> But, but, but... What's the point of an OS if it doesn't make it
> easy to use hardware????

Lots of hardware just works.  It's vendors that cannot or will not
share the specs of their cards that have trouble.  The best solution
would be to complain to the vendor to open up their specs.

>> Would you moan at redhat if you couldn't get Oracle to work on it,
>> yet Oracle claimed linux compatibility?
> Of course.  There's not much excuse for screwing up interfaces that
> an OS is supposed to provide.

Fedora's goal is to stay as close to upstream as possible and provide
very current versions.  For the kernel, this means that the interface
does change sometimes.  It is a simple fact.  If you don't like it,
please take your case to LKML.  It is ridiculous, pointless,
counterproductive, and IMO off-topic to bring it up here --

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