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Re: BIOS upgrading

Michael Wiktowy wrote:
On 10/29/07, Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel infinity-ltd com> wrote:
Michael Wiktowy wrote:
I didn't know that grub chainloader was capable of doing this. You
mention doing this with a floppy image, is it possible to boot into
bootable ISO images this way?
A couple of things - first of all, it looks like I made a mistake.
This does not work with a standard floppy image.

It doesn't work with an ISO image either. I believe that there are
loopback mounting that are part of GRUB2 that will do this directly.


I don't think I understand what you're saying, and if I do, then I most certainly disagree.

I _have_ made a bootable CD with grub (and my own picture, of a Jersey heifer I took at the Royal Show a while back).

This reads the CD:



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