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Re: nvidia

On Mon, 29 Oct 2007, Karl Larsen wrote:

>    There is on the Nvidia (put in Google) site a newest version of
> of there drivers for Linux. You have to d/l a "run" file which you
> select from the first questions on the page. Then I discovered it
> will not run if the X server is running.
>    Just found out to turn off the X server in a root Terminal type
> init 3. There you go to the directory with the run file and as root
> type sh NVID..... and it will start. On my computer it could not
> find a ready made kernel addition so it made on on the spot and then
> went on to do other things.
>    Then I typed init 5 and here I am back on X windows with MUCH
> sharper pictures and things and the pointer is new.
> This is how you should get your Nvidia on Linux if you want the best
> qualities of Nvidia color.

  i've finally broken the code of the karl-bot.  it's a simple,
repeating pattern, as follows:

1) karl posts, asking a question, accompanied by breathtakingly inane
   initial suggestion as to the solution:

    "i need to switch to runlevel 3 -- i guess it's time for my rescue

2) numerous mailing list members try to save karl from himself and
   respond to him, attempting to educate him

3) from all these responses, karl puts together a tutorial in which he
   gives no credit whatsoever to any of the people who tried to help
   him, and presents his work as if he is now an authority (see

4) at no time does it dawn on karl that the helpful tutorial he has
   just posted has been available on the net the whole time, like
   here, for instance:


   where it is not only correct, but is presented in something
   resembling syntactially proper english.

... and the life cycle of the karl-bot continues.


Dogbert:  "Dogbert Technical Support, how may I help you?"
User:  "I'm having a problem with --
Dogbert:  "Shut up and reboot."
User:  "Hey, it worked!  Thank --
Dogbert:  "Shut up and hang up."
Dogbert:  "My average call time is improving."

Robert P. J. Day
Linux Consulting, Training and Annoying Kernel Pedantry
Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA


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