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Re: nvidia

Today Ed Greshko did spake thusly:

Scott van Looy wrote:

The point Les appears to be missing is that the binary blob doesn't stay
the same because the cards it supports don't stay the same. And as
NVidia upgrade their hardware, they'll slowly stop supporting the older

I'm not convinced that is a correct or valid statement.

I'm running a system with a TNT2 card from NVidia that I bought sometime in
2000 or 2001.  This hardware has not be produced in a long time.  The
drivers are still available and fixes are made in the "NVidia Legacy GPU

They recently split the drivers in two. Your driver will be getting security fixes and some bug fixes and no more. The goal for them will be to create something stable that they don't need to touch any more. Makes business sense, no?

It's up to them what they do. There's no way someone else can easily step in if they decide not to continue actively maintaining old hardware.

Just because this old card works for you at the moment doesn't mean it always will. NVidia are very good at supporting legacy hardware, other companies are less so, I was merely using them as an example as that's what we were talking about.

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