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Re: nvidia blues

Today Karl Larsen did spake thusly:

I had nvidia running fine on this computer using the kmod-nvidia files that come from fedora. Then I was told about better nvidia software from their web site. I got it and tried to install it on this computer. It did not install and it ruined the older nvidia.

If you install stuff over existing stuff it'll most likely break...what you appear to have done is installed the livna kmod-nvidia package and its dependencies and then installed the nvidia binary installer over this

I find init has nvidia in it and it comes up broken. It writes FAILED in red letters on bootup. It complains it can't find a python config file and it is not there, I checked.

You've probably overwritten some of the yum installed files with nvidia installer files

Now what I would really like to do is eliminate that entry in init so I can use the newer nvidia. Failing in that I need to find out what sets up the nvidia with the kmod-nvidia files.

yum remove kmod-nvidia (to remove the rpm version from livna)

nvidia-installer --uninstall (to remove the binary version from nvidia)

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