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Re: Excessive network traffic -

on 10/30/2007 12:04 PM, Bob Goodwin wrote:
> Scott van Looy wrote:
>> Run the spyware detection stuff at www.prevx.com on the XP machine, 
>> see if there's any spyware. Often spyware can be a cause of mystery 
>> bandwidth stealing
> I ran the free scan on the boy's XP computer and it reports clean!
> I will get their father to do the same on his XP computer later today.  
> I don't want to mess with his but he will do it himself when I ask ...

A simple test.

Click on the Start button (same place a the KDE button)

Click on Network Connections

Click on Local Area connections

You will see an activity section in the window.

With the computer connected to the LAN there should/could be a little,
very little activity from LAN. Handshaking.

As long as 'you' are not doing anything on The Internet it should not
change much when connected to The Internet. If it jumps then something is
using your computer and burning up your time.



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