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Re: nvidia blues

Karl Larsen wrote:
Chris Jones wrote:

So I am happy with the run file and will send another email with exact instructions on getting the right one (it took me 2 tries).

If you are happier with the nvidia installer than the rpms then great, I know there are many on this list that agree with you. Each to their own.

However, please don't bother posting yet another half-arsed attempt at a howto... In this case I don't believe you can improve on the instructions on the nvidia site itself, which I think are pretty self-explanatory.

The (current) driver page
and the readme

give all the info you could ever need, I think. If you have problems understanding parts, I'm sure nvidia will accept feedback to improve their web site ;)


The only thing they do not say is that now you must run the file with the Xwindows off. And that is simple if you learn that init 3 will do it. But it isn't in their docs anywhere....

Of course it isn't, but  ...

Before you Begin

Before you begin the installation, exit the X server and terminate all OpenGL applications (note that it is possible that some OpenGL applications persist even after the X server has stopped). You should also set the default run level on your system such that it will boot to a VGA console, and not directly to X.



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