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Claude Jones wrote:
On Tue October 30 2007, John Summerfield wrote:
If anybody would like more details, just let me know.
As one who has a Linksys wrt54g (one of those revisions that's
compatible) I'm very interested in this, and any more information you
can offer.

In particular, what can you do now that you couldn't before?

I've been sorely tempted to upgrade it to non-linksys firmware; one of
the problems I have is it tends to die under load, requiring a reset,
and if there's nobody around, a reset is fairly inconvenient.

Flashing my Linksys is also on my wish/todo-list. There's much discussion about running Firewall Builder in that environment, and how much more capable your firewall can be using that scenario. There's links to that information from the Firewall Builder web site. I'm also wondering how you've concluded, John, that it's the load causing your Linksys to die. I too have a problem of frequently losing the connection

My wireless links from house to office (down the back of the block) is (was) slower than my ADSL (Until yesterday I had an 11b link).

the linksys sometimes fails when I'm transferring a large file, and very reliably crashed when I was running X through it.

between my wireless devices and the router, which is cured by a reboot. I got around to looking up troubleshooting faqs on the Linksys website yesterday, and they specifically suggested the possibility of wireless phone system interference (wireless home phone system, not cell phone). They suggested changing the Linksys channel from the default 6 to either channel 1 or 11 -- I've set mine to 11 and so far, so good - it's only been about 36 hours, so it's a bit early to tell.

The total distance isn't great, but there are sheets of colourbond (painted steel sheeting) in the path, so I have configured a rout around it using the Linksys, and a D-link (chosen from a selection of one). Both are prone to dropping).



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