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Re: nvidia

On Wed, 31 Oct 2007 02:59:00 -0400
Ric Moore <wayward4now gmail com> wrote:

> Frank, since when have you become a mind reader? I think you have some
> notion that you can see clearly into his brain and can speak
> authoritatively on what he thinks. 

I have been carefully reading his comments and replying to what he says.  If he
is capable of expressing his thoughts in a clear manner, then that's what I've
been responding to.  Mind reading is not required -- simply reading, period.

> Here's the saddest part of the ordeal. 

I'd agree with that.  Pretty sad, indeed.

>  I lost a GD
> pant-load of valuable learning and devel time ...several **months** at
> least. Les lost quite a bit of his donated personal time too. THAT is
> where he's coming from, and so do I.

Sounds like you have a lot to thank Nvidia for here.  Months of time lost to a
poorly implemented video driver as a starting point.

Were I you, I'd not be saying "Please sir, may I have another" after going
through that experience.   I'd be moving on to something that works properly
out-of-the-box. That means Intel at the moment and  ATI shortly (apparently).

MELVILLE THEATRE ~ Melville Sask ~ http://www.melvilletheatre.com

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