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Which Server one Should Run-SLAPD/LDAP?

Dear ALL,

I would like to know a few things from your end. They are as follows:-


Should We Run SLAPD or LDAP ? And why?

In other words, which command to execute:-

service slapd restart


service ldap restart


In my case, i have installed the openldap packages with the help of commands:-

yum install openldap openldap-clients,....


When i tried to execute the comand, service slapd restart, it ddint excute in the
path /sbin.

4. If i have to run ldap then why and if slapd then why ?

Are they all dependent on the operating system etc?

Plus how they are linked to the databases at the backend ??

Like as mentioned in the manual here the slapd is linked to the LDBM, SHELL and
PASSWD databases?

Next question which database to use in the slapd.conf file ??

Please reply wih all the answers.

With Thanks And Regards,
Jyotishmaan Ray
With Thanks and Regards,
Jyotishmaan Ray
Moderator Of Paradise Groups
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