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Re: F8 ETA?

On Wednesday October 31 2007 11:47:05 am Paul Lemmons wrote:
> So, the statement of support for *production machines* used in
> the same breath as *Fedora* is simply a misuse of technology.

In my view, you're view is nonsense.
It's your view, for your needs, and that's fine.
Why do you have a felt need to apply a blanket to the whole 
community of users based on your perceived needs?
That's where you lost me.

There's someone on this list who is running a cluster of 1000 
Fedora boxes in a production environment, as I recall, for a 
government agency; why Fedora? As I recall, it had something to 
do with a specific driver requirement, or something _like_ 
that... There are others. I run two Fedora servers in a 
production environment, myself. 

I could tend to agree with much of what you say until you get so 
damn categorical - 

But, what this has to do with the ETA of F8, I'm not sure...you 
just struck a nerve with that comment above.
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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