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OT: Re: Replies to newbies

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Anne Wilson wrote:
> George, your tone to newcomers to the list often leaves something to be 
> desired.  People that know you don't take offence, but it's all too easy to 
> scare newbies away.  Please do be less critical and more sympathetic to 
> them.  :-)  Who knows what they might contribute in the longer term.

ok. just where in hell was i being 'off tone'???

if you would read back thru thread, you will see that i was interested
in finding out what program rui [if that is what has brought this about]
was referring to. my using hex to relate to what i was seeing in his
reply was not meant to be offensive and because i do not have keyboard
set up to print special marks, i used what i did.

from what poc posted, i do not believe that i was being offensive, nor
do i believe that poc did, nor was.

it seems to me that you are one who is taking offense. and i may be
wrong in relating to thread. you should be more specific.

i do admit that there may be times when my replies may not be all
'candy and ice cream', but i have tried to be polite. sometime,
satirical maybe, but usually not.

when not, it may be because of more important matters, primarily due
to fact that my mom is 93 years old and in last stages of her death.
yet this is not a just reason for me to be 'off tone' to any one.

because of this, i do reread every email i send, because i am very much
aware of conditions and i do not care to pass any ill feelings out to
this or any other list.

when i do see that something that i write may be offensive, i do make
note of it then or later if i see how i may have been offensive.

and, as i said, i do not wish to offend anyone on this list, and why i
am posting it because i do feel that if i have been 'off tone', i would
like to hear from those who i may have offended. and i do appreciate
you noting such. it just would be nice if you would explain where and

now. i do have to tend to my mom and cut back yard so squirrels can put
away their pogo sticks.

i do look forward to any and all replies.

i thank you.

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