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Re: Need help with partitioning

On Fri, 2008-08-08 at 18:07 -0700, Adil Drissi wrote:
> I have already fedora8 installed. Can't i just run fdisk from the
> terminal?

That rather depends on what you're going to do with it.  If you modify
the partitions that Fedora is currently using, you're very likely to
kill your installation (though it is possible to do *some* management of
partitions on an installation, if you know what you're doing).  But I
think you're faced with that problem, anyway (killing your

Looking at your prior message, you've installed Fedora, now you want to
install Windows.  Windows has a reputation for stomping over set-ups,
and taking everything for itself.  The install disc that came with my
Laptop will install Vista and not give me any options for how to use the
drive, beyond to use all the drive, or half of it (one Windows
partition, and one spare empty partition).  Anything else already on the
hard drive will be wiped out, whatever option I chose.  Whereas, on
prior versions of Windows, I'd seen options to pick a partition to
install Windows to, and not mess with other ones already on the drive.
Though you'll still have the fun and games of reinstalling a bootloader
to be able to boot Linux after you've installed Windows.

The usual advice is to install Windows first.  Depending on how your
Windows install works, that might be done by partitioning your drive
first, or partitioning it as part of the Windows installation.  With one
big partition for Windows, and the rest of the drive space reserved for
your Linux installations.  Then, after installing Windows, you'd install
Linux onto that reserved space, probably further partitioning it during
the Linux installation (carving it up into boot, swap, and the root
partition, and any other partitions that you wanted).

Have you looked at the reference I gave you in the prior message?  You
might also want to look at the installation guide:

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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read messages from the public lists.

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