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Re: Project Stick In The Mud :-)

2008/8/10 Russell Miller <duskglow gmail com>:
>> After I fixed that wonderful permissions problem it almost all started
>> working.  I can't get youtube videos to work for some reason, and the USB
>> audio adapter I just bought refuses to output stuff, but the azalia is
>> working.
> But then I tried to install the proprietary ATI driver (because the
> open-souirce one doesn't support full acceleration) and...  wouldn't you
> know it, someone changed the X ABI and it won't run until ATI "fixes their
> driver".
> I really shudder to think of how a newbie would have tried to handle this
> whole thing.  It ain't pretty.  Linux is *not* ready for the desktop, and
> I"m starting to wonder if it ever will be.

In all fairness Russel, unless you specifically want to mess with this
problem, the common way is to use Livna/Atrpms.. Livna even has a
kernel independent package whose name i can't remember which
will/should work with any kernel.

So really, you chose the toughest way if you ran into that problem.

Also, how is hardware support Linux (the kernel) fault and not the
people from whom you purchased, with money, your hardware?

Fedora 7 : sipping some of that moonshine
( www.pembo13.com )

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