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Re: Infrastructure status, 2008-08-16 UTC 1530

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Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> The specific current situation aside for a moment. As a Board member,
> I am interested in thinking about a better mechanism of communication

i see nothing wrong with way it is now.

leave tech support on 'fedora-list'.

leave announcements on 'fedora-announce-list'.

'fedora-list' is busy enough as it is and when 'soap boxes' get pulled
out, traffic gets even heavier.

as i stated in my reply to rui, a reply was made to a 'fedora-announce-list'
and it returned thru 'fedora-list'. yet for some reason, all of post that
were made about not being able to make downloads, do updates, or log sites,
seemed to have missed a reply to what they were posting about.

to me, this is a lacking on part of posters. not a lacking on part of
fedora or redhat teams.

when i subscribed to 'fedora-list', i also subscribed 'fedora-announce-list',
and several others. i did so because they were there and from their description
i knew each had their purpose. time has proven this.

i and several others replied to post about problems, yet others still
posted they were having problems. not a fedora or redhat fault.

to me, this only indicates that some people do not read all their emails,
or only read what they feel is of interest. not a fedora or redhat fault.

my only other suggestion besides leaving as is, would be a change to
'subject:', such as;


being at start of subject line to bring, *maybe*, a better awareness of what
is being sent by 'fedora-announce-list'.

> I do not want to go into this too deeply until the current situation
> has been resolved.

maybe you should have waited? ;o)

> I do not want to be a distraction. But I think this
> is an area where someone could step up and provide some new code to
> make communicating important announcements easier.

*new code* is not needed. a *conscious awareness by readers* is needed.

> Once the current situation is over, I will be making an effort to
> facilitate a discussion concerning some of the ideas

i look forward to it.

thank you for your time and post.

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