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Re: Fedora 9 asking for disc 1 on dvd install

Marcelo M. Garcia wrote:
Phil Savoie wrote:
Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 18:03 -0400, Phil Savoie wrote:
Trying to load F9 on a compaq R3000.  Gets to the resolving
dependencies section then pops out my dvd asking for the first cd. I pop it back
in and click on ok and then it tells me that it is the incorrect disk
and so now I am in a loop.

I don't have emerald slippers to click three times while I mumble "I wish you would install", so would anyone have any ideas on this?

Sounds like you have the wrong ISO image burned to your DVD. Perhaps you
burned the first CD image by mistake?


Not unless the first cd is 3.3gb in size,



I had the same problem when I enabled extra repositories during the installation. Although Anaconda(?) configures the network connection, it asks to insert CD 1.



Yes this is what I did... enabled repositories on the install.

Did it work without enabling the repos?


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