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Re: network vs NetworkManger services ??

Timothy Murphy:
> 1) NM is actually working fine for me.

Mostly it is here, though it didn't on one computer.

> 2) I don't believe NM is "automatic", whatever that means.

There's no mystery to what the word automatic means.  The system sorts
itself out, according to how it was designed.  i.e. No manual
intervention required.

> It is pretty obvious if you look at it
> that NM stores quite a lot of information.

Doesn't preclude it things from automatic, that's part of its automatic
system.  There's all sorts of things that are (or can be) automatic, as
far as the user's concerned (DHCP network address assignments, mounting
of media, etc.).  For the most part, these generally work for a lot of
people.  They don't work for everybody or all circumstances, that's why
there's alternatives.

> 3) If I had an automatic car that did not work
> I would not be happy if the garage told me
> that the solution was to get another car.

There's an entirely different situation to taking a car back to just
using some other software.  Even more so when you've already got it.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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