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Re: Why can't I select the Sun Java VM ?

* Tom Horsley <tom horsley att net> [2008-11-30 11:54]:
> On Sun, 30 Nov 2008 09:40:34 -0500
> Linuxguy123 <linuxguy123 gmail com> wrote:
> > How do I get the Sun java to be the default Java, without doing a 24
> > step build that Googling finds ?
> Somewhere out in the world is a package that actually adds
> the sun java to the alternatives system (the sun packages
> do not do that, which is why it doesn't show up).
> Where this package is located is another question. I remember
> seeing it once, but I forget where that was.
> http://rabbitbrush.frazmtn.com/sun-java-on-F8.html
> is a page I just found with a quick google search, but it
> doesn't look like the one I'm remembering :-).

I believe you're thinking of java-*-sun-compat packages from JPackage
(mentioned on that page). The compat package depends on the RPM from
Sun, and sets up the proper alternatives. Unfortunately, they haven't 
been updated for a while:



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