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Re: some feedback on fedora 10

On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 7:37 PM, Russell Miller <duskglow gmail com> wrote:
> OK, I just upgrated to fedora 10.  I've already filed some bug reports, but
> here's some feedback.
> 1)  FC9 preupgrade didn't work.  It left the /var off of the cache location.
>  I had to fix it manually and reboot.
> 2)  nv driver is broken with my card.  Bug filed on that, so I won't go into
> too much further detail, except to say it doesn't detect ANY video ram.
> 3)  One thing I would really, really like - and I'm half tempted to just
> write it myself - is a tool to take the stock fedora kernel and build a new
> one - with the options that *I* want.  Building a new kernel is a pain in
> the kiester, and the lack of a good tool to do so (I'm not aware of one and
> a quick search on freshmeat doesn't turn one up) is kind of...  surprising,
> considering that the kernel has been around for so many years.  Is it that
> much of a black art?
> 4)  KMS seems cool, but it doesn't work on my card, so it falls back to a
> lame progress bar on the bottom of the screen.  Can we be a little more
> informative than that?  It didn't even tell me I could press escape, I had
> to figure that out on my own.
> Other than that fact that I can't get X to working properly either with the
> proprietary or free drivers, seems pretty cool.  However, *that* is a
> showstopper.
> --Russell

Sorry for all the problems dude. Thanks for taking the time to report on them.

Wish I could help you myself, but these problems sound out of my league.

BTW, if you do make that tool, hope you do it in Python.

Fedora 9 : sulphur is good for the skin
( www.pembo13.com )

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