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Re: Unable to install F10 with kickstart

On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 06:27:54AM -0800, Mike Cloaked wrote:
> Laszlo BERES wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > As I read your BZ and earlier posts, you've used manual installation, am
> > I right? The way you described works well in interactive mode, but not
> > with kickstart.
> > 
> > 
> I am not sure what you mean by manual - but I also extracted the vmlinuz and
> initrd.img files from the iso, and placed them in /boot and then made an
> additional grub.conf entry like you did so that physical optical media were
> not need (but had burned a DVD in case of emergency).  I also initiated the
> start of the install from the physical DVD as a test once I had fathomed out
> the correct HD install parameters.
> I tried adding both the hd definition to the kernel boot line, as well as
> booting the install and adding the information from the graphical entry on
> screen - and all three methods now allow the install to continue.
> In your case you are now doing the same (assuming you have images directory
> in the same dir as the iso) but the only difference is now that you also use
> a kickstart file in a different (and presumably non-root) partition
> (/dev/sda1).  I wonder if the fact that the .ks file is also not in the same
> directory matters?
> I think I would try to put the kickstart file in the same directory as the
> iso and see if that works. I am not sure why your method fails to work but
> then I was bitten by the change from previous tradition in my own case!

You should have the ISO and the install.img file (from the images/
folder) stored on the source HDD like this:

sdaX --- some_folder/ ---- Fedora-10-i386-DVD.iso
                       +-- images/
                                +-- install.img

Then you point to to sdaX (whatever X is for the partition you stored
the images on), and folder "some_folder".  In other words, the ISO
file should be sitting next to an "images" folder which contains the
"install.img" file.

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