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Re: Supporting printer portion of MF-4270, was:[Re: Document Scanners that work with F9]

Jeff Maxwell wrote, On 11/26/2008 04:14 PM:

Ok.  I can understand the reasoning for that.  But, why would I only
have access to the printer/scanner when signed on as root and not as a
local user?  This is the problem that I am running into.  Every time I
wish to use the scanner, I need to switch users to root.

try Tim Waugh's suggestion (I think he is taking you through the gnome menue to the troubleshooter):
"System->Administration->Printing, then Help->Troubleshoot.  It automates
log capture and can even diagnose some simple problems.  If it fails to
identify the problem, you can see the diagnostic output including the
relevant portions of the log files.  If the diagnostic output is too
cryptic to understand but you think there is a bug in the software, file
a bug report about your problem and attach the troubleshoot.txt file."

If the menus don't get you the application, I think you could run system-config-printer in a terminal, and then select Help->Troubleshoot to get where Tim was pointing.

However I am expecting you to need to look at /var/log/cups/ files access_log & error_log to figure this out, ... because it WORKS as ROOT but not as NONROOT users. But do try the Troubleshoot first, as it might just cover this case, and if it does not then file the bug Tim mentioned and file another one against the system-config-printer Help->Troubleshoot to cover your case (so future folks might figure it out easier.

Todd Denniston
Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane)
Harnessing the Power of Technology for the Warfighter

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