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Re: Re: Firefox Loses DNS in F10

On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 8:45 AM, Steve <steve lonetwin net> wrote:
> On Mon  1/12/08  9:41 PM , Jim mickeyboa sbcglobal net sent:
>> <...snip...>
>> I would file a bug on it.
>> I have FC10 Firefox-3 and it does the same thing, It can't find server
>> to Linuxtoday.com and lxer.com,
>> but it will find yahoo.com, redhat.com etc.
>> If I get on my FC8 box and Firefox, it has no problems of finding those
>> same Servers.
> Just adding a "me-too" here, like mike I assumed it was something on my end (didn't bother investigating).
> Jim could you please send over the bz number so that we may all pitch in with information ?
> thanks,
> - steve
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seems there is a ipv6 slowdown with comcast's dns servers. if you use firefox
you can stop ipv6 lookups by opening a tab in firefox and typing:


set it to true and your dns lookups will take off.

if you use ssh, create an alias for ssh that looks like: alias
ssh='ssh -4' in your
.bash_profile, this will force using only ipv4 dns lookups. I don't
like passing on these workarounds because you may forget what you did
when the it is fixed, but maybe log it somewhere so you can undo when
this is fixed.

-- Gary

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