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Re: some feedback on fedora 10

Russell Miller wrote:

3) One thing I would really, really like - and I'm half tempted to just write it myself - is a tool to take the stock fedora kernel and build a new one - with the options that *I* want. Building a new kernel is a pain in the kiester, and the lack of a good tool to do so (I'm not aware of one and a quick search on freshmeat doesn't turn one up) is kind of... surprising, considering that the kernel has been around for so many years. Is it that much of a black art?

It cannot be fully automatic unless you want to default lots of options, then you might as well just use the default kernel .config.

Here is a link to the kernel compile documentation for fedora.


And another link good for cross referencing


But there is no reason there can't be a script that examines all the hardware present on the system, and creates a .config that reflects that. All those modules for sound cards, network cards, etc go away. Well no reason other than it would take a significant amount of work and require continuous updates for all new hardware. :-)

Then the user runs menuconfig to choose the options that they want.

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