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Re: Selinux

On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 13:35:12 -0500,
  Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com> wrote:
> Sorry, I assume that the QA process includes someone actually installing 
> the application and seeing that it works. I would rather see things sit 
> in updates-testing until someone is willing to sign off that they 
> actually have been at least smoke tested?

That doesn't mean that filing bugs to get problems fixed (or at least
tracked) is a bad idea. That applies to any bug, not just selinux ones.

> It doesn't need to be some maintainer who does that, anyone who is going 
> to use the package can take a moment to do the sign off, assuming that 
> there's a process to identify people as capable of installing a package 
> with selinux enabled (lots of folks), and willing to do so (still 
> hopefully a non-empty set).

There should be something in the packaging guidelines or the package
review process about testing with selinux enabled. (If there isn't already.)

> If Fedora is going to ship with SElinux enabled, it also should be 
> working.

Just like anything else.

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