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Re: USB printer Epson TX101 + generic USB driver on F10?

Steve Repo wrote:
Hello all,

I purchased a multifunction Epson TX101 Inkjet printer. I didn't do my
research for linux support and this is a fairly new printer.

I' plugged it into my F10 box.  The printer is recognized but the
driver isn't there (selectred drive is for Epson scan 2500 or
something like that,). I'm unable to print.

xsane refuses to recognise the scanner as well.

So, is there a generic USB printer/scanner driver I could use or is
there something else I can do to get this working?

There was a package I pulled from the Epson site, or a link thereon, and as I recall it had kernel modules or cups modules, or similar not very portable stuff. However, it dropped in and worked on an FC6 machine, and nothing newer. You might poke around and see if there is something newer, and also try iscan, I never got sane working, or missed it, iscan does what I need.

If all else fails, and you have the hardware, you might do a minimal FC6 install with the package in a KVM machine, and connect the USB to that. Slightly complex, but as a device controller it really beats using Windows! ;-)

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