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Re: KDE freezes after switching to text terminal and back to KDE

On Mon, 01 Dec 2008 16:27:45 -0300, iarly selbir wrote:

> I'm having a similar problem, the kde is freezing ( example: when using
> the akregator ) and i don't got any more reply from keyboard.
> the only solution is reset the computer :(

've seen this problem as well on an older machine running F10 and KDE.

I'm running an old (5700) NVidia card which has a lot of issues.

First of all, I have to use a beta driver to have it compile against the 
current kernel (using the proprietary blob driver).  An NVidia forum post 
for that can be found here:


Second, there apparently an issue with backing store.  I had to enter the 
following line in the xorg.conf Screen section to fix it.

Option         "BackingStore" "false"

If I didn't do the above two things, the following would happen.

1. Could not compile the driver (173.14.12 does not work with the new 
2. Right-mouse click to open a konsole (with the 173.14.15 driver) would 
   crash X 100% of the time.

Hopefully the above information is of some use.


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