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Re: KDE 4 with dual-head

Ian Pilcher wrote:
Is anyone using KDE 4 with a dual-head setup?  From my brief testing, it
seems almost unusable.  In particular, the second screen ends up with a
solid gray background that doesn't even respond to mouse clicks.

Is this one of the many pieces of basic functionality that has been
sacrificed for the KDE developers' "grand vision"?

The rpmfusion/livna Nvidia driver has a nasty bug that impacts any app or library that tries to load the xrandr extension (which most of the KDE 4 libs do) when you're using Xinerama. I was able to make it mostly behave with the following technique:

chkconfig nvidia off
(so your config doesn't get mangled each reboot)

system-config-display --reconfig
(generates fresh xorg.conf, choose nvidia driver and single-head)

(set up dual-head, uncheck "merge with existing" when saving xorg.conf)

It'll still cause a segfault if you try to load anything that touches xrandr config (like krandr, or the Display control panel), and I get occasional weirdness, but it generally works. I fully intend to complain to the proper authorities once I figure out what's going on, but I'm pretty sure that KDE is just a victim of Nvidia's xrandr badness.

-- Chris

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