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Re: SELinux alert when running yum update

Colin Paul Adams wrote:
"Thomas" == Thomas Cameron <thomas cameron camerontech com> writes:

You can do a couple of things.  First, it's probably not a bad idea to
    Thomas> run these commands as root:

    Thomas> restorecon -vR /home restorecon -vR /usr

OK. I've done that.

    Thomas> Then try again by opening your browser and going to a page
    Thomas> that caused errors before.  If it still doesn't work you

I don't know of a page that caused errors before.

Eh? What were you doing when you got the SELinux denial before? Can you do it again?

    Thomas> can use audit2allow to create a policy.  I set up all my
    Thomas> policies in a directory called /root/selinux.  So as root,
    Thomas> do this:

    Thomas> mkdir selinux cd selinux setenforce 0 # open your web

I did that too.

    Thomas> browser and go to a page with the plugin grep npviewer.bin
    Thomas> /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow -a -M npviewer #
Thomas> review npviewer.te so make sure it looks right.
I don't know what a page with the plugin is.

Probably a flash based page.

    Thomas> semodule -i npviewer.pp setenforce 1

semodule:  Could not read file 'npviewer.pp': No such file or directory

Did you look at the npviewer.te file?  Is there anything in it?


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