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F10: no drag and drop to konsole

Just noticed today that it's no more possible to drag and drop a file
to a terminal.  Why has this functionality changed ?  Some developer
thought that nobody uses that, so why keep the code ?

Anyhow, that's how I ued to do it since at least Fedora Core 6:

 - Insert a USB key with some files to transfer to disk

 - A file manager will eventually open with the contents of the USB key

 - Open a konsole, cd to the directory you want

 - Click on the file, or select many files, with the mouse and drag
them to the konsole window.

  - Small dialog pops up asking you to make a choice between 'cd, cp,
ln, mv'.  You choose mv et voiĆ , files are moved to the directory
location where the konsole is.  No need to open another file manager.

I've tried it in F10 and all it does is to put the full path of the
file in the konsole window.  Too bad.


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