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Re: Revisor

Martin Schiøtz wrote:
Does somebody know what's going with the revisor project?

The mailing list revisor-users fedoraunity org does not seem to work.

The lists were moved to revisor-users lists fedorahosted org this afternoon.


I have been trying to build CentOS and Fedora on Fedora 9 and 10 with
revisor for some time now with no succes at all. I have been trying
different versions of revisor and different kinds builds (with CentOS
and Fedora) on both Fedora 9 and 10. The result is alway some kind of
error doing the beginning of the install process of the builded CD or
DVD images.

Apparently there are issues with different versions of squashfs in new Fedora releases and CentOS 5. You can use "mock" to create a centos 5 chroot and run revisor from there, which I'm told will work. I've quoted Jeroen's more detailed directions at the end of this message.

Since the move, there's already been a post to the list about problems composing Fedora 10, and I'm hoping to see a resolution.

Has anybody have any succes building images with revisor lately?

Not yet. I've been talking to the author about similar problems. For the moment, I'm just composing the install trees and then using the vmlinuz/initrd/install.img from the distribution.


The nasty thing between a (recent) Fedora station composing EL5
installation or live media is the version mismatch between squashfs.

I very much doubt this is ever going to be solved, but you can run
revisor in a mock chroot:

# yum install mock
$ mock -r epel-5-i386 init
$ mock -r epel-5-i386 install comps-extras createrepo rhpl pykickstart \
~                    livecd-tools anaconda-runtime squashfs-tools \
~                    busybox-anaconda notify-python usermode \
~                    pam python automake intltool gettext \
~                    desktop-file-utils glib2-devel gcc \
~                    cobbler koan deltarpm pygtk pygtk2-libglade \
~                    gnome-python2-gconf system-config-kickstart jigdo \
~                    livecd-tools python-virtinst git

$ mock -r epel-5-i386 shell

mock-chroot> git clone git://git.fedorahosted.org/revisor
mock-chroot> cd revisor
mock-chroot> git checkout --track -b EL-5 origin/EL-5
mock-chroot> autoreconf && ./configure
mock-chroot> make install
mock-chroot> revisor --cli [options]

^ This is what I'm testing now, and it seems to work.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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