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Re: Next silly Q, ktorrent this time.

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Gene Heskett wrote:

> I hadn't done that, does thinking about it count? :)

1 credit.

> So its deeper than that.  Hey, a dvd block size is 2048.  Is 512 enough?

you are correct. not even near.

i have never looked at a dvd track 1 until now. and now that i have i am
at a wonder about what i have read about using a bootable floppy to create
a bootable dvd.

i presumed that by using a floppy, it's bootsector would be used to apply to
sector of dvd. i know know how much i was mistaken.

i ran 'dd' 2048x1 to see what would be there and it was all 00. x10 was
all 00. x100 and i found it blank all the way thru 0x7fff. at 0x8000 is
disk label info.

after that bit of disappointment, i decided that i will search web tonight
to see what i can find on layout of track for cd's and dvd's.

i am in cst zone, so it will be a little while after 0600hrs utc before i
go look.

i noted another reply in thread. possibly i will be save some time by one
who is knowledgeable with plastic mirrors. :o)

> Probably too old, and HP's web site search sucks, I won't say how bad but its 
> rated in Torrs with a -39 ee notation.

> I found 2 bios updates, depends on the motherboard in this one and I have NDI 
> how to determine that quickly.

linux format has a hardware id program that is supposed to be able to pull
all that info. have used it a couple time with some early installs, but do not
recall if it does mainboard info.

> Later friend.

i thank you for that. ;o)

> Its the alky that does it.  I can drink one beer, but 2 is out.  My normal is 
> 2 an evening, of very lo cal stuff.

i quit beer in 1962 while stationed at tyndall afb, fl. out with a crew from
barracks and was introduced to boiler makers, i was stone on 3rd. after a long
recovery next morning of 2 hours in shower with straight cold water, i swore
off beer. still drank up to about 35 yrs old and then quit all but a greek
liquor called metaxa. made from grapes and is of 2 ratings of 5 and 7 star.
7 star is 92 to 98 proof. 3 to 4 shots are my limit and do not drink them
very often.

> Actually I'm a semi-retired broadcast engineer.  Need something to keep me out 
> of the bars, otherwise I'd sit in this chair till the odor of death was 
> present I fear.

broadcast engineers never die, they just 'cherry out their finials'.

> <http://gene.homelinux.net:85/gene/Genes-Web-pages.html>

bookmarked for later.

> A typu as SWMBO would say, make the first 'Gene' into 'gene'.

will get back off list on rest.

peace out.



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